Batter Up

Barb Freda – Natural Health
March 2008

Whip up a flawless batch of pancakes from scratch for a quick―and healthy―breakfast, lunch, or dessert.

accessorize The pancake, while wonderful by itself, is a prime candidate for accessories. If your preferred topping is maple syrup, choose Grade B maple syrup, which is made from sap tapped in late spring and offers a more robust flavor than Grade A. (Avoid packaged “pancake syrups,” which are mostly high-fructose corn syrup.) Other prized toppings include organic wild honey and fruit compote ( a gently heated blend of fresh chopped fruit and sugar). Brands like Brown Family Farm in Brattleboro, Vt., have inspired blends of fruit and syrup: Their new maple-blueberry, -apple, and –cranberry “dollops” are delicious (